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Today many options are available for your new spa hot tub. With the advent of new technology advances in spa design and comfort have kept up. Originally you had very little choice when it came to a home hot tub a few colors wood or fiberglass that was about it. Today there are so many high tech designs just choosing the correct spa and staying with in your budget is quite and accomplishment.

Take a look at the basic components and determine what your needs are first the skirt otherwise known as the cabinet is the outside of the spa this can be constructed out of wood or a fiberglass acrylic combination, these cabinets often contain steps, storage compartments an cover the pump and piping while adding a pleasing overall look.

The controls today’s control panels look more like something you would see on the space shuttle gone are the days of a simple thermostat and timer. The modern controls regulate the air flow, pump action many times the control panel can be turned to accommodate different users. With the advent of stereos, cd players and pop up Televisions the control panel has an ever increasing number of buttons.

Many spas can be special ordered with different jet combinations the more jets of course the more expensive the spa becomes. Some spas actually have jet panels that can be changed out to give you that perfect water massage. You may want to try out some different hot tub jet combinations before you finalize your decision.

One of the big factors is the size of the hot tub spa as a rule of thumb the larger the spa the more it will cost in initial price and the more expensive t will be to maintain and heat so don’t over do it in terms of size. This is especially true if you plan on having your tub inside or on a deck the extra space and wait may become a liability later on.

Most spas today are made from an acrylic and fiberglass combination much like your bath tub, the manufactures can produce a vast array of colors and textures from a solid color to tubs that look like they were carved out of a block of granite. The ceramic tile hot tubs are generally reserved for the built in hot tubs. A few manufacture solid wood hot tubs these are made from Cedar or Redwood and come in a variety of sizes an option in wood tubs not found in traditional spas is the cedar tubs can be made much deeper to be used as a therapy pool.

Today many manufactures will provide financing for your new spa this may or may not be a good deal for you please read the fie print you may be better off in the long run if get a home equity loan if necessary the interest on home equity loans is usually tax deductible.

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