Marvellous Sussex people I'd recommend:

Simon Marsh - To get the body you've always wanted , whether in preparation for your big day or for a special celebration, he's the personal trainer you need.

Susan Baxter - To find those extra special vintage clothes, this is the lady with the knowledge and style at your disposal, all in her vintage clothing store .

DeNovo Flowers - For the most beautiful, fresh and original designs in flower bouquets, this is the choice of flower shop for Sussex people in the know.

Kathryn Broadribb - For inner and outer health and wellbeing, join her class in London or Brighton and let this lady teach you the best Yoga moves.

Elizabeth Avey - For brides seeking a gorgeous and unique vintage wedding dress, find a hidden treasure in her London boutique.

Sarah Doole - Private caterers creating taste sensations for your big day.