The Mini-Makeup Marvel



Contact Clare on 07867 522786 or see her website for details.


The Mini-makeup Marvel costs just £85 - So why not buy one as a gift?





New: 'The Mini-makeup Marvel'


Want makeup help but don't know who to ask?

Unsure of what makeup suits you or how to apply it?


Well help is at hand!


Clare Parker, a professional feature film and TV makeup artist for 15 years, has created 'The Mini-makeup Marvel' a personal makeup lesson especially for you.


The Mini-makeup Marvel lasts for approximately 2 hours and is individually tailored to you. It consists of:


1)    A Mini-makeup makeover to suit your look, your skin, your age and your lifestyle.

2)    A Mini-makeup lesson giving you expert advice on how to achieve and recreate the look.


    So call Clare now and let's get started!