Three Essential Make Up Tips: Eye Shadow

Ultimate Makeup Guide

Eye shadow is the cornerstone of good make up application. After all, who doesn’t want bigger, more beautiful eyes that sparkle with complimentary shadow? Here’s three essential tips for eye shadow application.

Tip One: Use Different Shades

One block of solid colour on your eyelids is not going to be flattering, so use at least two different shades to achieve the look. As an overall guidance, use the lightest shade at the front of the eyelid close to the lashes, and then darken the colour as you move backwards towards the socket. Use a large, flat brush to blend the shades together for a complimentary appearance.

Tip Two: Always Apply Eyeshadow First

Many make up demonstrations and videos will show people applying eyeshadow after they have applied their face make up (such as foundation, concealer and blusher). However, it is actually better to leave your face free of make up until your eyeshadow has been applied. As eyeshadow is usually a loose powder, it may spill or spray on to your cheeks if you aren’t completely careful, and this can ruin the appearance of your foundation. Applying eyeshadow first gives you the least mess to clean it.

Tip Three: Use A Wet Brush

We mentioned above that eyeshadow is usually a loose powder, and this is undoubtedly one of the make ups worst traits. To make eyeshadow easier to apply, lighten dampen the brush you are goingg to use to apply it. This will give you more control over where the colour goes, rather than a loose scattering of powder.

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